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Hi Harmonizers,

It was so good to see you all on Thursday.  

Here is information you need.

Please send in your audio and your video.  The video goes to Judy and the audio only goes to me.  If the audio you want me to use is on  your video and not separate, Judy will send it on to me.  We are ready to put the video together, just waiting for you. (last weeks Directors Notes has more specific information about the videos if you need it. And the manual is still up on the website and you have a buddy if you need her.)

A new song is on the music practice page called Hi Neighbor.  Download the sheet music and listen to your part and to the 4 part recordings at the end of the practice page.  We’ll work on it next Thursday.  

Our next show chorus video song will be Ain’t Misbehavin’, HOWEVER before we actually do that song we need to put out our HOLIDAY VIDEO and since we don’t know how long it will take to learn and record those songs, we’re going to do those first and then come back to Ain’t Misbehavin’ and eventually, Hi Neighbor and New Orleans.

I’m in the process of putting together a group of Holiday songs that we can learn and that our audience will enjoy. This video will include singing, possibly some speaking , our pictures and some other tricks of the trade. We have some ideas to make the video easier for all of us to make.  Meanwhile, I will work on getting click tracks ready for the Holiday songs. Our section leaders will then need to get new parts recordings for the website.  Lots to do in the next few weeks.  Thanks to all who sent in their favorite songs.  Obviously, we can’t use all of them but it did give me good insight.  I hope to put together a collection of songs that will appeal to a broad range of people and that will be easy to learn and enjoyable to listen to.  

Remember that Ken Donovan is coming on the 18th.  

WE HAVE OVER 1000 HITS ON OUR VIDEO. We must be famous by now.

See you Thursday.