Hi Harmonizers ,

   I believe that this Thursday will be our 22nd zoom rehearsal.  In that time we have all learned to sing out during rehearsals, we’ve held sectionals during the week, we have polished several pieces, we’ve had an inspirational workshop, learned how to mute and most importantly WE HAVE  A VIRTUAL VIDEO!   All in just 22 weeks. Amazing.  You are the most talented and dedicated singers a chorus director could ask for.  We are on a roll.  Obviously Judy gets extra brownie points, cheers and accolades. However, the talents in our chorus run deep and without your participation on Thursdays and in the making of our video, none of this could have happened. 

Our next video is of course, SWAY.  This means you should know your notes cold and probably be off the paper.  The Gold standard will be up soon with instructions on a new audio and video.   In the meantime, please review the guide that is on our members page.  Everyone should read it and especially the parts that apply to your equipment.  How to send your video was a repeated question this go round so please read up on sending with WE TRANSFER. That is how you need to send your video. Help is available so don’t be afraid to ask. Make a few videos of family and friends and try sending them. It’s free.  That way you will be more comfortable making our next video. Please read the guide. 

This coming Thursday is our last rehearsal until September  3rd. 

Let me give you a heads up for the fall.

We will be learning a short, fun new piece called Hi Neighbor.  An  eblast will go around once it is up on the website so that you can down load the music before our September 3rd rehearsal.  

There will be 4 part and individual parts available at that time.

This fall we will have a guest artist with us on Sept. 17th, October 15th and November 12th.  Ken Donovan, is  a voice teacher, tenor soloist and a member of the Lyric Opera Chorus.  He knows our chorus well since he has attended our shows in the past and his partner, Bradford Newquist was our emcee and special guest vocalist on a show many years ago.  Ken will be running us through a variety of vocal warmups for 1/2 hour on each of those Thursdays.  He is the section leader at Lake Street Church and I know  from experience that he does a masterful job of warming up the chorus.  Something new, challenging and fun.  I can’t wait. And he is excited as well.  

There are a few other ideas in the fire which haven’t been confirmed yet but trust me, no grass will grow under our feet!!

If anyone is interested in a 4 some in my back yard to sing at a distance during our break , give me a call.  Otherwise, just give yourself a  vocal break. 

When we come back in Sept. we will have a chance to welcome in the new board and thank the “old” board.  Carole M. Is on top of that.

I hope everyone will take some time to put worries aside for a while, and just enjoy the parts of  life that are beneficial.  Winter will be here before we know it.