Week 4 and counting,

Because of all the input, rehearsals are getting better and better.  Keep the ideas coming. I may not respond right away since my inbox is really full these days but I will get to them all.

First in importance is that we have a new link and possibly the need to use a password for our next meeting.  Zoom is responding to the need for greater security which is a good thing.  Here is the link

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 379 993 0843
Password: 849801

I like to drag the link to my desktop so that its ready to go on Thursdays but going to the directors notes works as well.  Also, Kathy is sending an eblast with the info as well.

So for this week, several things on the docket.  I still am waiting for more recordings of Lion sleeps tonight.   Here are more accurate directions for all the parts.  I’m learning as we go.

  1. Set your metronome to quarter note at 104
  2. Use earplugs on your metronome if possible.  If you have trouble with the metronome part of this, email me or call.
  3. Set up your voice recorder on your phone or iPad or computer.  Mine is on my iPhone and it came with the phone. If you can’t find it, look under the utilities app. It should be there.You can also download a voice recorder from the App Store as well.  
  4. Either get your pitch from a pitch pipe or from the lead tape on the website. You can also download free keyboards.  Check with Barbara, I believe she has a good one to suggest.
  5. If you are a tenor you could sing along with the leads at the beginning if you wish.  Follow instructions for the leads if doing this.
  6. Leads (and those singing the lead part) will , in rhythm clap three times, rest for one beat and then start on beat one of the music.  This gives Kelly one measure to line us all up.
  7. If you are a Bass or Bari, Clap three beats, rest for one and then silently count out four measures before you come in, staying with the metronome.
  8. Send me the recording in an email.         

  I hope this answers some questions.

For this Thursday, we will continue with the Dancin Queen choreography so be prepared to learn and demonstrate. That worked very well with Brette absolutely nailing the move!

Then I would like to try singing a chord.  Many of you wrote in about ways to try this so it will be an experiment.  It would be fun to hear us all sing if only for a chord or two.

I’d like to revisit New Orleans, take a look at Sway (remember that song) and continue with Aint Misbehavin.

I mentioned last week Emily’s idea of sharing some fun facts about each other.We did this at our last party and it was great fun.  We have some new members who weren’t at that party so we would like to hear from them.  If you are a newbie and would like to do this think of two lies and a truth about yourself.  We can write our guess though the chat function and it will be fun to see what people think.  So start planning.

I’m also looking into some on line pitch recognition programs.  I found one years ago that was fun but don’t remember what it was called.  If any of you have that info, I would welcome it. I want something that is free.

And many thanks to Kelly for hosting an extra rehearsal on Sunday to answer questions about how to use Zoom.  Fun time.  And it was great to see Janet and Beverly and her dog.  We all need this.  

Check out our members home page for a gallery photo. (Thanks Amy and Judy). Also , I’m bolding the print on this since I’ve heard that it is hard to read the notes.  Feed back?

See you Thursday.   Alice