Hi All,

Great rehearsal Thursday night and productive sectionals on Wednesday and Saturday.  No grass grows under our feet. 

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Bass Sectional. Wed. May 20 11:45

Topic: bass sectional
Time: May 20, 2020 11:45 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
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Thursday Night rehearsal.  Same link as before.  No change

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Lots of information in this weeks directors notes.

First. there are the 4 goals that I spoke about on Thursday and some insight as to how we are going to go about achieving these goals.

  1.  We need to keep the chorus together during this long period of separation and we need to keep it vibrant and fun. I believe this is a shared goal by each and every one of us.
  2. We would like to create a virtual singing chorus to use not only for our enjoyment  but also to use as a marketing tool.  With a quality product we can go on Facebook, YouTube, advertise to stream songs for nursing homes and activity groups, seek out guests for our rehearsals, put up a tip jar, sing for birthdays.  The skies the limit once we get a quality product which I will talk about later in these notes.
  3. Aim for personal perfection on each song.  We have the luxury of time to really learn our notes, fine tune our intonation and  polish our skills in a cappella singing. 
  4. Through the process of making a video, we can learn how to physically present a song with the best facial and body language.  We can actually see how we look and work to improve that part of our presentations. 

Our first step is to make quality audio tapes.  We had a dry run trying to make a tape with metronome markings.  Too many problems with that.  This time , each member will spend time learning to sing their part for Lions, New Orleans and by next week Sway (lead tape isn’t finished yet).  When you feel comfortable singing your part against the lead part, practice singing your part with the lead part played through earphones or plugs while you sing.  Get used to that. Finally, Plug in the earphones with the lead part  ready to play on your computer.  Turn on your phone, then the tape, clap out loud with the claps on the recording and then record your part. (You can reverse the process by recording on the computer and playing the lead on your phone).   Send me the final recording.  Do not worry about how you sound, only worry about getting the notes and words right.  No one will hear you individually. It will be a group sing.

Finally, much later, we will do the same thing with a polished 4 part tape and you will video yourself singing to that tape and make a stunning video.  But don’t worry about this now. We need a good tape first. And I would like everyone singing on it. If you have questions,  I’m around. 


Many of you have expressed interest in some breathing exercises.  Karen Hogin alerted me to a YouTube breathing exercise that might be fun to try.  Do not expect to complete the drill but give it a try if you are interested.


We will continue working on all our songs.  I just thought we should make headway on our audio, video project since that offers so many opportunities before we go ahead with It Don’t mean a thing and  Will the Circle in particular.

As always, suggestions for making  our rehearsals even more meaningful are encouraged.

Enjoy some warmer weather and I will see you next week.