North Shore Harmonizers Board Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2019  Barbara’s Home

Present: Helen, Carole, Ilene, Ruthie, Kathy, Janet, Ann, Alice, Honey, Barbara

The meeting started at 7:11 pm.

Minutes were approved pending changes.

Treasurer’s Report: (Barbara) Verbal report

Vice Pres Report: (Ann) No new sing outs.

President: (Helen) Alice’s evaluation meeting will be September 25th at Helen’s home.

Show Committee Chair: (Honey) The show date for 2020 will be November 8th at 3:00 pm after Election Day. Lake Street Church is so fully scheduled that we could not find a date in October, we have a signed contract. We will not have a rehearsal on Election Night.

There will be 12 pieces of music for the show and they are being chosen. We’ve made 35 copies of Fever. Also, Honey paid another $110.00 as dues to Sweet Adeline’s.

A long discussion about costumes was next. We need to decide what we want to keep and what we want to retire. Do we make piecemeal additions to the costumes we already have? Expand accessories? We need to take the costumes very seriously. Our present budget for costumes is $1,400.00. Should we all pay for our own costumes? Alice thinks thy look dull, limp, no “pizzazz.” Helen suggested that the Show Committee come up with recommendations.

Director’s Report: (Alice) We made a video of our last dress rehearsal and Alice would like to use it as a tool for improving our stage presence. She also showed us a still picture of the dress rehearsal. It illustrates our posture, our faces, and our body language. Not everyone looked “on” and animated. Alice suggested having Shelly back for a longer workshop and to use that picture as a tool. Ruthie will speak to Shelly about her availability in Feb or Mar.

Committee Reports:

  1. Resource Committee – Presently looking and interviewing other choruses as to dues structure, costumes, etc.
  1. Universe Committee – Meeting on October 19th.
  1. Repertoire Committee – They have melded into the show committee. Carole will contact the person in Kathy Mattox’s chorus who is a legal expert with ASCAP. Should people be returning music when they leave The Harmonizers, like we do for the costumes? The music may be highlighted and marked up. Perhaps store the music online?
  1. Social Committee – No report.
  1. Membership Committee – Deb Porter is our new official member. We have had guests generated from our Andersonville sing out. Dues will be due in October; $160.00.
  1. Publicity Committee – Nothing until the Farmers market in October.

Meeting adjourned at 8:32 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ruthie Seidner