November 25, 2019 Janet’s Home

Present: Alice Lane, Barbara Wichmann, Carole Metnick, Ann Hammond, Ruthie Seidner, Helen Gagel, Honey Nixon, Kathy Miehls, Janet Milbrandt, Ilene Alpert.

Proposed Budget: Barbara

The board was presented with a budget managed in 3 columns; Actual, Budgeted, and Proposed. Our budget presently will see a deficit each year if we do not increase our dues. It would be difficult to shave off any more of our rigid expenses. Our show profit has not changed much over the years, we should be getting more or at least see some variations. But we have not increased the amount of tickets. Barbara made a comparison within other choruses and we are indeed low.

Proposed: Increase dues from $160.00 to $288.00 per year. Barbara proposed an automatic withdrawal for members; either monthly or quarterly. Increase the costume budget from $800.00 to $2800.00. Give Sharon a stipend of $500.00 now. We are allotting $1000.00 for the website for 2 years. People will be charged for lost music. Members will begin printing their own copies of music from the website. Proposed expenses for the next 2 years: $37,875.00. Total Income would be $31,680.00. Fees for sing outs would remain the same at $300.00 but instead of paying a director for every sing out, we will have directors and leadership from within the chorus.

A motion was made to approve the proposed budget. It was passed unanimously. This new proposal will be sent to members through the US mail.

Ann suggested that we increase an additional $24.00 per month which would bring the total dues increase to $288.00 annually. **WE DID NOT VOTE ON THIS AMENDMENT TO THE PREVIOUS MOTION.

Director’s Report: Alice

Alice will speak to a few members about being an “emeritus” member not responsible any longer for sing outs. People who come in non-approved costumes should not perform.

Membership: Ilene

Did Debbie Poole return her costumes? We have one new interested member. Thank you, Janet for the red T-shirts!

No rehearsal on 12/26.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ruthie Seidner, Secretary