Hi everyone,   Really glad to see your smiling faces last Thursday.  I appreciate your patience as I get up to spend on virtual chorus rehearsals.  I would love to hear from you as to what works, what doesn’t and what I should try next. I’m game. Just so hard to tell how you all are doing since you are mostly on mute!  Never heard this group be so quiet.
Again, here is the link for our rehearsal next Thursday.

For this coming week, April 2nd, let’s try a few new things.
First off, maybe Ruthie would lead us in some physical warmups.

Then I would like to continue notating the choreography for dancing queen for at least  one more page.  It really helps me. Your questions help to highlight different interpretations of the descriptions used to explain a move.  I promise not to spend too much time on this.

Then I would like to move to breakout rooms by parts, ( Kelly and Judy can help with that). Let’s continue with Aint Misbehavin.  Ann, Emily , Lou Ann and I will facilitate each breakout room . I figure about 12 minutes and then we will all return and sing through the song with different parts played together by me as you sing.  I wish we could hear each other but not there yet.
Then we’ll sing through some of our favorites.

Now for your assignment.  If you don’t have a metronome try downloading the free app called Click Metronome.  It is the simplest I could find and it flashes on the first beat of the measure and you can silence it and still see the beats by number and the flash on the first beat.  Took me about 15 min. to feel comfortable with it.  There are other, more complicated ones that actually give pitches as well so feel free to use any you like. I just wanted to find a really easy one for the computer challenged ( which includes me).  Others may have suggestions.
What I would like is for you to record your part to Lion Sleeps Tonight and send it to me.  Set the metronome to a quarter note = 104,  4 beats in a measure.   Set it to silence with the flash on beat one.  ( maybe your metronome has a blinking light or some other signal). Start the recording then clap three times and then sing. Send me the recording.
I imagine it will take us several weeks and many recordings to get four recordings that Kelly can use but let’s give it a try. Staying on pitch is a major issue so this will be really revealing for us all.  Trust me, these recording will be well guarded secrets.  I would be thrilled if some of you would try this.  Plus, it will be a great learning tool for you if I can help correct any notes that got away from you.
Stay healthy, sing every day.  Try the Circle Song just to remind us that the circle will never end and that we will be back together singing as sisters.