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Hi Harmonizers,

Just back from a very fun picnic.  Carole had everything we needed including a gorgeous cake (picture to come), cookies, lovely flowers and very clever games.  The weather held up and we were safely distanced. It was so good to see everyone. 

We’ll put the baby/youth pictures up on the website so that everyone can take a guess.  We sing better than we identify our pictures.  But it was fun.   

As Mary mentioned, next Thursday is October and that is the month where we offer our financial support to this chorus which means so much to all of us.  Time and attention paid to the chorus is important but without the financial support that you so generously give, we would not be alive and well after not only Covid but almost 70 years . We are indeed special.

As for our  Holiday video, it can be a delightful change from holiday greeting cards.  Songs for the video are Carol of the Bells, We need a little Christmas, Dreidel song, O little town of Bethlehem and Silent Night. 

Right now , you have on the website a recording of Carol of the Bells that can be used to make an audio recording to send me.  Listen to your part in one ear and record singing against it.  Don’t get too close to your mike and be sure to listen to the recording before you send it.  You can do that as soon as you feel comfortable with the music.  We will make the video later.   We need a little Christmas will be ready as soon as I decide on a tempo and get some recordings at that tempo. Making audio recordings will be part of our Covid chorus and our in person chorus later on so get comfortable with the technique now. 

In other news, Ken Donovan will be with us again on October 15.

Our Sway video is almost ready for prime time.  Lion video continues to collect hits, now well over 1100. 

We have a new associate member, Betsy Arsenault, who will be joining us for the Holiday video.

Board meeting went well and as usual, your board is actively working to make sure this chorus remains strong and vibrant for the next 70 years.  Singing never grows old. 

See you all on Thursday to continue Holiday music, It don’t mean a thing, and Ain’t misbehavin’, if we have time.