It’s been a very fun week for me with all the extra rehearsals , work on learning admin duties and planning for Thursday’s rehearsal.  I promised some “off the paper” dates.  March 26th is the off the paper date for Lion Sleeps Tonite, Dancin’Queen, Fifties, Hooked on a Feeling, and New Orleans.  For new members, this will be a stretch but do the best you can. For long time members, no excuse, you already known several of them.  If you do the hard work now, it will be smooth sailing to the show.  We have two more numbers to add plus lots of work to do on It Don’t Mean a Thing, Circle and Dancin in the Street. The more you know now, the more fun it will be when we add some moves and choreography.  Listen to the tapes and sing along. Newer members may be surprised how quickly it comes together when we are off the paper.
Your show com is hard at work to make this the best show ever.
And last but most important is a warm welcome to our newest member, Amy Loriaux.  We are so excited to have her singing lead. She is the daughter of Judy Solomon.  Please welcome her and be sure to wear your name tags.

See you Thursday for more work on It Don’t Mean a Thing, New Orleans and Circle.