Hi everyone,

Hope you are ready for a trial run of Dancin in the Street.  It will be fun.  There are several ways to do this and we may try them all.  Wear work out clothes, we might work up a sweat….    Hopefully we will also have time to work on “It don’t mean a thing” so it will be a full rehearsal.  Last week was so productive and I just loved the way New Orleans began to fall into place.  You guys are good.

Wednesday’s rehearsal at my house is sold out.  Those coming are Ilene, Terry, Mary, Charlene, Louisa, Sharon, Barbara, Lou Ann, Rosie, Ann.

Saturdays (the 22nd)extra rehearsal has room for two more.  Those signed up are, Ilene, Dawn, Brette, Kelly, Deb, Mary Lou, Amy, Judy .

The following Tuesday the 25th also has two openings. Those signed up are, Ilene, Terry, Ruthie, Kathy, Karen, Carole P, Barbara, Rosie.

All extra rehearsals are at 1:00 at 1504 Cleveland St, Evanston.  The door will be open .

Girl Scout cookies are here.  I will have them on Thursday. I have paid for them so you just need to pay me.  Thanks and good eating.

See you Thursday if not before.