Hi everyone,

Great rehearsal as usual last week.  This week we will continue working on The circle, New Orleans and Lion Sleeps and also work on choreography for Dancing Queen.  Each week we also need to review, the fifties medley and hooked on a feeling.

If you notice on the music practice page, there is a song that is new to many of you called Dancing in the Street.  The learning process for this song is quite different from all the others.  You will be able to down load the music but most importantly , especially for the leads, you need to listen to the recording .  You almost don’t need the music right away, just listen and learn the rhythms from the tape.  4 weeks from now we will  see how well it goes without a single rehearsal time.  The reason for this is that the rhythms seem so difficult on the paper that we get hung up on them.  We did this piece several years ago and it was a smash hit and this is the way we learned it.  I will explain more on Thursday night.  Just have fun with it. Especially the leads who have the best part.

See you Thursday, Alice