Hi Harmonizers ,

Successful singout today to round out our Holiday events. Thank you all.

This is a very exciting time for the north shore Harmonizers. We have wonderful new members, a very productive board, and we will start the new year with a brand new web presence thanks to Judy, Mary and Ruthie ( and others , I just can’t remember them all) who have been working on a new website for us. Judy has spent not just hours, or days, but weeks of work putting together a really fabulous new website that is going to take us far into the future. She and her crew are very anxious to fill the chorus in on this website, including how to use it and make it work for you. This Thursday besides being a time of relaxed singing, will be an opportunity for you to learn about our new website and all it has to offer us. You will be thrilled. Learning our music and communicating with each other will be so easy.

Judy will make sure we all know how to navigate the member pages because all chorus music, singouts, business, community conversations and much much more will be through the website. Welcome to 2020.

On Thursday, bring Christmas music and show music in case we have time to run through both. And if you walked off with your scarf on Tuesday, please bring it back. It’s baggy is waiting for it.