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Happy Halloween everyone. If you must bring candy to the rehearsal please bring enough to share!

As I mentioned last Thursday, Janet’s husband , Bill Milbrandt passed away last Thursday after a long and difficult illness.  Cards to Janet would be most appreciated.  She told me that they had been married for 61 years and were engaged for a year and dated a year before that.  So they have spent their lives together.  

I really hope that all of you who have not sent in recordings for at least Carol of the bells and We need a little Christmas do so ASAP.  Dreidel will be up this week and all songs need to be in to me by Nov. 5.  Don’t wait until the last minute in case there is an issue with your recording. 

We will try to cover a variety of songs this week starting with It don’t mean a thing, Aint misbehaving, New Orleans, and Will the circle.  Make sure you have that music handy.  We’ll also address any concerns about our 5 Holiday songs and may sing through them just for comfort level.  

The show committee is meeting and by the time we have our rehearsal, Honey will have all the information you need for costumes and I will then send out a list of the songs you are to video.  Each person who submits recordings will be assigned two songs plus our closing song of Silent night.  I need to know who is participating in this Holiday video before I can assign songs so get me those recordings.  

We are slowly making progress on It don’t mean a thing.  This is one song that I really, really hope we perform on our next live performance.  It will be a show stopper and we should know it well by the time we perform it.  

Not much news this week.  When I don’t see you on Thursday night, know that I miss you.  And I’m not alone in that. 

Practice singing in your head voice and then blending it into your chest voice.  Takes years of practice so don’t put it off any longer!

Hope everyone stays safe and that Brette tested negative and that everyone sings a little every day.