Hi everyone,

What a fantastic rehearsal last week.  I had a great time and was extremely impressed with the ability and willingness of the chorus to dig into our two pieces, New Orleans and It don’t mean a thing with such determination and skill.  I’m not sure you all realize how well you can sing as an  a cappella chorus.  It is hard work and demands everyone doing more than their best but you showed me last week that you have the talent and the desire to be a very fine chorus.  Now we need to build on the skills we worked on last week.  So this week we will review New Orleans and then spend the greater part of the rehearsal on It Don’t Mean a Thing.  We need to nail the rhythms and at least read through the entire piece so that we can get recordings of the parts up on the website.  Bring energy bars to help you through the night!!!

We will also review the Fifties Medley but with a twist.  I have asked our assistant director, Ruthie to direct this number on the show. She will bring her own skills and ideas to this number.

Almost all the boas have been knit so we have enough for everyone and  we will review Dancing Queen  and maybe Dancin in the Street if we have time.     A full night.

Next week we will introduce one of our last two numbers.  If you know you will be out of town, ask  a section buddy to take notes for you.  It is important not to get behind when a new song is handed out.

Enjoy the weather this weekend and don’t forget about our off the paper deadline the end of March.  Dancing Queen, Lion sleeps tonight, Hooked on a Feeling, Fifties Medley, New Orleans are the pieces..

January board minutes have been posted.  Go to Meetings to check them out.