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I hope all of you have had a chance to see our new video and most importantly, send it out to friends and family and strangers on the street.  It is fun and so far the comments have used the words “fun” “professional” “super cool”.   

Now we need to concentrate on holiday music.  Hopefully I will have all of your audios for We need a little Xmas and Carol of the bells by Oct. 15.  As soon as I get click tracks for Dreidel and Oh Little Town and Silent night, I will let you know.  October will come and go quickly and Judy will need you to start doing videos as soon as the audios are in.  We are so good at this now that it should be much easier.  Remember to not be as close to the recorder when you sing and when you finally make the video, check to make sure you are looking at the camera and that you like your background and lighting.  Take a look at your picture in the sway video and see how you can improve on it.  Your tech buddies are here to help.   

If we get a warm spell in October, I will quickly send out an invite to social distance in my backyard and try singing again.  It would be nice to see everyone once more before winter settles in.

For this Thursday,   We need to make sure all our holiday songs are in good shape so make sure you have music for Dreidel song , O little Town of Bethlehem and Silent night.  Hopefully I will have tempo markings for all three by Thursday.  

Set yourself a goal to send me at least Carol of the Bells this week.  

And last but not least.  Dues are Due. 

See you Thursday.