NSH Board Meeting Minutes

                                                                    January 27, 2020  Janet’s House

Present: Alice Lane, Carole Metnick, Barbara Wichmann, Ruthie Seidner, Honey Nixon, Janet Milbrandt, Ann Hammond, Helen Gagel (via phone).  Absent: Ilene Alpert

Minutes of November 25, 2019 were approved.

President’s Report: Helen

Judy Solomon’s contribution of time and expertise to develop our new website warrants special recognition. She plays in the North Shore Chamber Orchestra and Helen suggested making a donation to the orchestra in Judy’s name. On a motion by Ruthie, seconded by Barbara, we agreed to donate $250.00 to the orchestra, and a Barnes and Noble gift card ($50 value) to Judy. Barbara will take care of this and we will present the gift at the annual meeting on February 6th. 

Also, the president must appoint a nominating chairperson. That person will seek out people to serve with on the board. The committee should be formed by mid February and then start recruiting in March. Board service is open to members who have been in the chorus for one year or more. The nominating committee should first put out a survey to see what skills/interests members have that would be of value to the board.

Director’s Report: Alice

Judy and Alice will be interested to hear from members who have tried uploading to the website. Alice continues to learn the administration functions of the website. Emily wants to learn too. Judy admits that it is not easy. It takes her 20 minutes per song, very labor intensive. It would be wonderful to have 4 members of the chorus able to do this. It may prove to be more work than we are willing to do. Alice wants to work with Emily first before asking any other members.

Alice will begin having extra rehearsals at her house. Ten more boas are being made in the new orange color.

Treasurer’s Report: Barbara

Barbara presented a report from Nov 26, 2019 to Jan 27th, 2020. Our ending balance is $23,650.00. Our increase in net assets is $5,454.00. We have received 19 full dues payments, 3 partial payments, 2 monthly withdrawals.

Vice President’s Report: Ann

She has not heard back yet from The Mather in Evanston. At The Marion, the person in charge is hesitating. We have the Pres Home in July and a new contact at Sunrise. We sing at Symphony’s on May 5th and we’ll do that show for $150.00 just to keep them as a singout place. Mary is calling Luther Village.

Committee Reports: Membership Ilene

Judy Solomon’s daughter wants to join and she wants to play drums in the show!

Publicity: Kathy

Nothing at this time.

Repertoire: Carole

People’s ability to always have their music is getting better with the addition of the website.

Show: Honey

We have all the music now and we’re looking at just one more. There will be 2 ensembles and 2 quartets. We are looking at a large brooch with lots of bling for our purple wrap. They are $6.00 a piece. We have not yet decided about which earrings to wear for the show. Sharon is making new bolero vests with the new fabric.

Universe: Ruthie

Now that the website is a real thing, we will be meeting to discuss the other matters that this committee has been tasked with doing.

Social: Janet

She will bring cookies to our annual meeting on February 6th.

Annual Meeting:

February 6th. Helen will facilitate. Before breaking into groups, people will briefly describe their jobs on the board. Maybe it will interest prospective nominating committee members.

Small groups discussed what is working in the chorus? What needs work?

Next meeting was set for Monday, March 2. Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Ruthie Seidner