Week Two
  Last Thursday we had an excellent trial run of our new  virtual  meeting space called  ZOOM. Sorry for the late notice. Many of you were unaware but plans were literally made at the last minute.
Next Thursday night at 6:45 to 7:00 just click on the link below and follow any instructions on your screen.
 It is a safe site so do not be afraid to click yes if asked questions.  For some of you, it will just open up into the meeting space. We will give guidelines about keeping your mute button on and how to ask a question.  It is very easy and fun. And there are ways to work on our music even though we can’t all sing together without being muted .
   The project for this week is to look at a brand new piece (at least for 80 percent of you).  The music and all four parts to “Ain’t Misbehavin” will be on the music practice page by noon on Monday the 23rd.
   Download the music and start listening to your part.  If you are a lead and know the melody, you will discover that you don’t always have the melody.  Big surprise!  The basses have it.   When we get together on Thursday we will go over breath marks and any other markings for the music and then practice singing (with mute buttons on) to the different combinations of the parts as I play them on the piano.  It works really well.
   In addition , we will go over some of the other songs  and find creative ways to work on everything , including choreography.  It’s a learning curve for all of us but many, many choruses are doing this.  It’s also very comforting to see and hear everyone.  Just click on “gallery” and you will see everyone who has logged on.
  And as always, let me know how it is working for you and offer any and all suggestions.  Kelly and I already have week three planned!
  See you Thursday.
Here is that link again.