Great rehearsal last week. This week we will begin as usual with Ruthie’s great warmups and then spend a few minutes with the last page of “Will the Circle”. We made great progress on that piece. Following that, we will begin a new piece. You’ll have to come to rehearsal to learn what it is. After the break we will refresh our memories of the first pages of “New Orleans “ and continue learning this wonderful arrangement of a classic. If we have time, we will sing through “Hooked on a Feelin” and the Fifties Medley.  Lots on our plate from now on.  Exciting times.

I hope everyone has recovered from colds and are 100 percent healthy.  Heard from our president, Helen, that her knee replacement went well.  Now her hard work begins.

Thanks again to Judy for all her work on the website.  It’s a gem.

See you Thursday.  Alice