I hope you are staying warm. There is nothing better to do on a cold winter night than to curl up with some hot chocolate and listen to Harmonizers tapes!

Hopefully the weather holds up so that Thursday night is clear of snow and everyone can make it to rehearsal.  I would love to read through the last two pages of New Orleans, (we will do that first before we are too tired) and then Lion and of course the last two pages of Circle.  If time, we will review the moves to Dancing Queen.

Don’t forget about Dancing in the street.  This song is on the website and I mentioned last week that we will learn it outside of rehearsal.  Listen to the recording first. After you have listened to it many times , then download the music and follow along.  We will put it all together mid February.  Consider it a challenge piece.  You will love it.

We also have a wonderful new song to introduce in February.  A major choreographed piece that will be a centerpiece of our show.  In case your curiosity is getting the best of you, it is “It don’t mean a Thing” by Duke Ellington.

If this is your first experience with show preparation be prepared to learn 10 to 11 songs for our big show next November 8th.  Make sure that date is in your calendar.

So far we have the following 8:

Will the circle, Fifties medley, Hooked on a feeling, The lion sleeps, New Orleans, Dancin Queen, Dancing in the street and soon to be added, It don’t mean a thing.  We are well on our way to a great show.

See you Thursday.   Alice