March is a whirlwind month weather wise and its the same with the chorus.  Smooth sailings once we get into April, but for now its new songs, memorized pieces and slow work on learning notes.  But there is fun built into it.  We have a new song that will be easy to learn (except the basses who have a HUGE SOLO) and lots of fun to sing.  The music page for SWAY is now up so please, if you can, download your music and bring on Thursday.  The lead part is up and hopefully the other parts will follow.  It is not of the difficulty or length of It Don’t Mean a Thing.

There is also an updated Dancin’ Queen lead part on the website, soon to be followed by a new Bari and Bass.  Thanks to Judy’s ear, she discovered that we had an old recording of Dancin’ Queen which doesn’t jive with the way we are singing it now.  I’ll let you know when all the parts are correct.  So far its lead and tenor that are ok.

I would like to spend some time on New Orleans again this week and work on the transition on page 3 and on the ending.  Remember to sing lightly and on pitch.

We will continue to work on It don’t mean a thing but I think I will slow down and just take a page at a time.  Once the other parts are on the website, it will go more quickly.

Never enough time in rehearsals.  We need to review Ruthie’s changes in the Fifties medley and review the moves in Dancin’ Queen.

Most importantly, a very, very sincere thank you for my birthday gift card and cookies.  I was surprised , delighted and very moved.  You are my extended family and sharing my birthday with you is the best.  Thank you everyone.