Hi Everyone,

Mid July and lots happening.

How are the videos coming?  Judging from the ones we’ve received you are all having way too much fun.  Creativity abounds.  Keep them coming.  Judy does not want to be overwhelmed on the deadline of the 20th.  Be kind to her.  Send M&Ms as needed.

Spoke with Victoria Holland this morning.  We figured out that we met back in 1999. Please go on her website and read about her workshops  and listen to her sing.  She is the mother of two sons in their late teens and early 20’s.  She and her husband, Mike met as they served meals at the Connections for the Homeless soup kitchen housed at Lake Street Church.  I have followed her career for the last 20 years and have hired her for many of Lake Street Church’s Daniel Jones Concerts.  She will explain her technique with us on July 23rd and I have given her the entire two hours.   She would like to have time for Q&A at the end. So be on time, pencil and paper with you and be prepared to stretch your mind.

This week I have entitled  the Director’s Notes, Nothing harder than a minor 2nd.  Interval singing is tricky. Once you learn a piece you sing it by rote, rarely thinking of intervals.  But in the learning stage, it is often important to notice intervals, especially minor 3rds, fifths and that barbershop favorite, the 7th.  But the interval of a minor 2nd is special.  It is so small that there is little room for error.  So this week we will have two warm ups that focus on the minor 2nd. 

Remember that our next project is Sway.  Gold standard will be out soon.  Until then practice memorizing your part so that you can sing with expression on the video.  

There will also be a short business meeting this Thursday