Hi Harmonizers,

Nothing urgent, just wanted to check in.  Habit I guess. 

    Looks as if Saturday’s sing in my backyard is full with the exception of maybe needing another tenor and lead (first come , first served).   I will be sending out invites and instructions on Monday to the following people.  If any of them are unable to come, I will reach out to others.  Helen, Brette, Barbara, Emily, Terry, Kelly, Gina, and Mary Lou. Did I miss anyone from Thursday Night? I will be the fifth wheel where necessary.  On the side of complete caution, I will have chairs set up  more than 6 feet apart, 5 in the backyard and 4 on the side yard.  Masks must be worn at all times except when sitting in your chair.  I will have sanitizers and wipes in the bathroom.   Bring your own water.  If the weather is bad, we will not meet.  

   I’ll make plans for another gathering if this one works out and everyone feels comfortable.  

As long as we are outside and keep our distance I will feel ok.  

   Enjoy the next few weeks and if you have any questions about  the upcoming video and how to take it, please call your buddy or call me.  I have time these two weeks to help.  If we play around with taking videos it should get easier to do, (and more fun). 

  Show committee meets Tues. to discuss Sway.  You will be hearing from us after that meeting.  

   Meanwhile, relax, take a break and I’ll see you in September.