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Passcode: 320473

Busy  week for everyone.  Videos are due by the 15th. Judy needs all videos in to her by Nov. 15th.  Mark  your calendar, set your phone alarm, do whatever it takes to remind you to send in your videos.  

It is going to be a delightful video that you will want to send to all friends and family this December.  You do not want to be the only one not in the video.  

Ken Donovan returns this Thursday. Bring your straw. He will answer some of our questions and give us warm-ups to carry us over the holidays.  If you have questions for him please ask them.  He enjoys the conversations.

Believe it or not, we are making progress on It don’t mean a thing. I think we should spend some time on the last page.  Perhaps having a bari in each breakout room will help since their note is necessary to start the 2nd ending.  We’ll try that. 

Helen had a great suggestion about bringing back a favorite song if it is your birthday.  If you have a suggestion, let me know so that we can have some music available for our newer members. 

There are 5 rehearsals before 2021.  The Dec. 17th rehearsal will be our Holiday Party.  You will not want to miss it.  That leaves 4 rehearsals to work on the warm ups we get from Ken.  I also encourage members to find their own warm-ups to share.  Then we have Will the Circle, It don’t mean a thing, New Orleans and Dancin Queen to review.  Once we start the new year, our repertoire chair Ilene and I have plans to introduce some new music.  PLUS  don’t forget our next video song Aint Misbehavin’.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start the new year with new members.  I know there are women who like to sing  just waiting for you to invite them.  Send them one of our videos and let them know they can be in the movies as well. 

Enjoy this beautiful weather.  And I’ll see you Thursday.