Thank you to everyone who sang on Saturday.  It turned out to be a really wonderful concert for our audience.  I know it was  a long day and a lot of standing but you guys were great.

It has been an unusually hectic fall and trying to prepare for both the Library concert and our holiday singouts has been difficult.  Plus we have all these wonderful new members to bring up to speed.  I haven’t taken time in rehearsal to properly prepare everyone with reminders about costume requirements.  Remember, we are a show chorus.  We dress totally alike which means everyone needs to wear the same costume including off black hose and black close toed shoes and the correct earrings.  If you ever have a question as to the costume, please call me or look on the website.  We need to be as professional as possible.

I know that the Glencoe singout will go well.  It always does.  Then we have the Three Crowns singout on Tuesday , Dec. 3rd.  Call time 6:30.  This is the most formal of all our holiday singouts so be sure to review your music and make sure that you have your costume washed and ready to wear.  Black top with long black chiffon sleeves.  Black palazzo pants, off black hose, black shoes, red rhinestone dangle earrings, Show makeup.  I will bring the Christmas scarves.  Dont forget your red Holiday book.

If you have introduced a christmas song before, please let me know and plan to do it again.  I have lost track of readers.  I believe that Ruthie introduces dreidle song  but can’t remember the rest of you.  Please fill me in.

Next Thursday we rehearse in the sanctuary.  Sorry about that but we will make do.

No rehearsal the week between Christmas and New Years.

Again,  thanks for a really good singout Saturday.  Thanks to Mary for getting it. And thanks to all who put in the extra effort to pull it off.  We may have a prospective visitor as a result and a possible new singout.  Yea!


FYI   The Glencoe singout songs will be for memory.  It is dark and no lights available.  Jinglebell rock, jingle bells, Santa claus is coming to town, Rudolph, We wish you a merry Xmas.   Long time members may sing the chopstick song .  Ann will be singing tenor.  We will have bright red scarves to wear. Be kind to Judy.  She will be singing bass for the first time.  Give her lots of support.

Show music you should have:     New Orleans,  Hooked on a feelin and Dancin Queen, and Will the Circle be unbrokenHoliday music is listed in order. You will find the list further on in these notes.

Here is  a list of Holiday/Christmas songs for this year. New We are not singing sleighride so take it out of your books.Nothing is ever in stone but  take a minute and organize your red folder to include the following songs in this order.

Sleigh Ride

Jingle bell rock


Santa Clause is coming to town

Jingle Bells


White Xmas

Dreidle song

Hanukkah  Song

Carol of the Bells  (Rosie, Sharon, Char, Lou Ann and Charlene will be on tenor which is the melody)

We need a little Xmas

It came and oh come

Silent Night

We wish you a merry Xmas

We use music for the holiday singouts so new members can join in. We have added Sleigh ride, white Christmas, jingle bell rock and Carol of the bells to this years line up.  Each year I try to make sure we sing some songs that are new to the audience since we sing for the same organizations each year.  And we need to do the traditional songs as well.  Full program of songs this year.


Saturday Nov 23  Northbrook Library afternoon  call time 1:15  Adding Snow to song list

Friday Nov 29 Glencoe tree lighting 4:30 or so  . Watch for updates

Tuesday Night  Dec. 3rd     call time 6:30  Three Crowns  Evanston

Thursday ,December  12 , call time 6 o’clock  Morton Grove Seniors

Tuesday December 17 ,call time 2:00 Symphony of Eanston