Hi Harmonizers,

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Meeting ID: 379 993 0843

Password: 849801

I hope everyone has had a chance to read through the virtual chorus guide or at least clicked on the sections that pertain to your particular situation.  There is a wealth of information in the guide and you also know that you have a very talented Tech team ready to help you if you need it.  The button to click is on our Home Page right below Welcome Harmonizers. 

We would like to have all the videos of Lions in to Judy by July 20th.  That gives you two weeks to create your video.  More than enough time so mark that date.  Sooner is better than later.

Now for our Workshop on July 23rd.  

I am very excited to have with us Dr. Victoria Holland, a woman of extraordinary talent as a professional singer. She also has an interesting insight into the mechanics of producing beautiful sounds with our instruments.  Her degrees only indicate the beginnings of her journey into a rather unique approach to singing. 

Her workshops are entitled “Born to Sing”. Although we will not have the benefit at this time of extended follow up workshops,  Dr. Holland ( Victoria or Vikkie as most of her friends and students call her) will give us much to think about and to work with.

I have personally known Vikkie for probably 20 + years  and some of you may have heard her sing at various events in the Chicago Area.  She is delightful, engaging and is very pleased  to be invited to talk with us. 

I plan to speak with her this week and work out any details about the workshop and may have more information for you.  I do know you will want to have paper and pencil handy.  

The only requirement on your part is to check out her website and then show up on the 23rd.

Check out vhvoice.com.

I have some ideas for the first few weeks of August to help us through the dog days of summer and then we’re going to take a few weeks off to just clear the brain and rest before the fall.

I want to thank everyone for their willingness to participate in a variety of ways on Thursday nights.  We have all grown musically in spite of the virus.  It’s so rewarding to hear how well you are singing and to see  how willing you are to share your vocal gifts with others.  Thank you.