Happy May,   Its getting warmer and the trees are beautiful.  

By now we are  getting used to computer learning.  Here are the links you need for this week 

Monday night board meeting is for everyone.  A very important meeting to talk about how to thrive in this new era and about where we want to go and how we get there.  

7:00  Sharp

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 975 0411 7669
Password: Board

Then if you are a BASS

there is a sectional at noon on Wednesday May 6th.  I will  be working with you on music of your choice.  Here is the link.Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 868 6554 7304
Password: 045555

And on Thursday, Here is your link to our weekly rehearsal.  This is an ongoing meeting so it is the same link each week.  Keep it on your desktop or some place handy.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 379 993 0843
Password: 849801

Now for this weeks agenda:

Working with a metronome has proven to be very beneficial for many of you.  Karen requested metronome markings for each piece and I think that’s a great idea. These are suggestions.  You may need to go slower if you are learning a piece and faster if you are solid but in general these are good working tempos. All are for a quarter note beat.

Dancin Queen.    104

Aint Misbehavin  88

Hooked on a feeling  108

Lion 104

New Orleans  84

Sway 104-120

Circle 72 Intro.   104 chorus

There are lots of ideas boiling in our pot.  I will be making a video of the moves to Dancin Queen which we hope to have on the website soon.

Thanks to Terry and Kelly and others, we are moving ahead on plans to get our chorus singing all together like other choruses you see on Facebook. 

To do that , I plan to record  the lead to New Orleans and at a future time, all of you will record your part while listening to the lead in your ear and singing against it.  It should be much easier than using a metronome and you will not have to worry about staying on pitch. More to come on this. 

Meanwhile, download the music to It Don’t mean a thing. 

  It is May and I promised we would start work on it this Thursday.  See you then.