I’m ready for Sway tapes!   (And you thought this was vacation time?!)

Make a recording of SWAY as you listen in your ear to the Gold Standard recording of Sway or  to the recording of your part.  Both are on the website.  If your recording is good, I will let you know and you can move on to your video. If there are parts to improve, I will let you know that as well.  We set the bar high for Lions so we have to do even better this time.

Remember, I can use either the recording you send me or the recording you make during the video.  If one is better than the other, I have a choice.  It also means that if you send in a good audio recording , you can make your video with the click track playing out loud and you singing along with it. The audio part will be deleted.  Or you can do the video and audio all at the same time.  You have lots of options.  Be sure to check with your Tech buddy if you have questions and be sure to practice making videos and sending them to yourself with WeTransfer.

But right now, get those audio recordings in to me.   

Costumes and props are in the process of being made and delivered. If you have a bolero vest, get it out.  If you don’t have one, I know who you are and we will make arrangements to get one to you.  If you were in our last show, you have one. The other props will be available next week.  I’ll let you know when and where.  Instructions on using the props and more clarity on lighting and video making will be on the website once we get back in September.  We are aiming for September 21st to be our drop dead date.  So get those recordings in to me and you are halfway there.