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Greetings to all the Harmonizers,

What an interesting rehearsal last week. First, we had a very thorough warm up session by Ken Donovan last Thursday.  He apologized for going on longer than planned. He explained he just had so much he wanted to tell us.  You can tell he loves his craft and loves to teach.  I told him “no Problem”. 

Hopefully we can remember his instructions.  I really liked the head voice to chest voice exercise.  I’m working on that myself.  Thank you to those who volunteered to sing.  It is really helpful to the rest of us to see how he works with you.  

 By now, all of you should have sent me Carol of the Bells and We need a little Xmas.  Oh Little Town   and Silent night  are now on the website.   I believe that Emily is putting a 2 on the new recordings so you will know they are the correct ones for your recordings.

The last song to go up will be the Dreidel song because we have changed the word “night” in measure 48 to the word “day”.  So the recordings need to be redone.  How about November 5 for a deadline for all recordings to be in to me.

This week, in addition to reviewing our last three remaining holiday songs,  I would like to spend some quality time working on the last two pages of It don’t mean a thing.  Perhaps 15 minutes in sections and then half hour all together .

The second half of the rehearsal will be a review of New Orleans, Ain’t misbehaving and Will the Circle.  

Thinking ahead to November and December rehearsals, I would love your suggestions.  I do know that I would like to have several rehearsals where we sing through some of our favorite holiday songs.  It would be such fun to have different people singing out loud so that we can harmonize and enjoy some of the classic songs of the season.  And of course we have Ken with us one more time on November 12th.

I would love to get your comments on the pros and cons of having guest artists at our rehearsals. And I appreciate all your suggestions as to how to make our rehearsals more fun and instructive.  It’s our chorus and we can make it what ever we want it to be.  So far we have expanded our skills by making fabulous videos.  We’ve had interesting guest instructors.  We’ve spent time fine tuning many of our songs and we’ve learned to feel comfortable singing out loud in front of other members which is WONDERFUL.

We have an associate member join us for our holiday video and we’ve had a former member join us by Zoom.  Plus a friend and a mother .

All this is to say that your DUES are hard at work in ways we never imagined.  

See you all on Thursday. I look forward each week to being together.