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Now that the weather is nicer it is time for you to sit on your porch, open a window, sit on the front steps or go into your yard or a park and sing.  Even if it is a Bari part, people will love it.  We are all craving live music so don’t be afraid.  

Nothing can replace our in person rehearsals but I did enjoy last weeks rehearsal more than any of the other Zoom meetings.  Maybe I’m getting used to the format. Glad to report that Ann’s Zoom connection has been improved and we even had a short zoom meeting to make sure it worked thanks to guidance from Kelly.  So breakout rooms should all be in full swing next Thursday. 

In response to suggestions from our survey, I would like to start a series of small rehearsals during the week.  I’d like to start with a

BASS rehearsal on Zoom for Wednesday the 22nd at noon.

 I will set it up and send out invitations to the bass section to join for no more than an hour. If that seems to work, I’ll add another section or two for the following week.  If that is something that appeals to you, send a short email or text so that I know how to proceed.  Working in smaller groups both now and later when we can actually meet will certainly be part of the new normal.

Thanks again to Brette for setting up the survey.  If you want a complete print out of the survey, let me know. Here are the major results.  I found the comments very helpful but will not include all of them here.

Level of satisfaction with new format (number of people)

Dissatisfied  2,  Neutral 4, Satisfied 10, very satisfied 3

What aspects of new format do you value ?

 The top 4 (over 50% listed it)  in order  were: Breakout Rooms, socializing, choreography review,  full choir with piano parts.

What aspects do you not value?

Exploring ways to sing together 37%,  warmups 31%, team building 31%,sending in recordings 25%. (others were all under 20%) 

There are new recordings up on the music practice page. They are  a merged recording of Lions, replaced Bass Sway recording, replaced Dancing in the Street tenor recording, and an added It don’t mean a thing ,Bari.

I also have a new recording of just the tenor and lead parts sung together of Lions that I will see about getting on the website or at least out to bass and Bari.  Will be a great recording to sing against.  

Starting in May, I think we should seriously tackle It don’t mean a thing.  Slowly working on each part during the week and in breakout rooms will help.  Lots of good work can be done individually on that piece so that once together again it won’t be so daunting.  

Don’t forget the treats at the end of the month and birthday signs for this week.

Meanwhile, stay in , stay healthy and keep singing.