Thursday Meeting

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Hi Harmonizers

Last minute updates

Our virtual guide manual is posted on our members page right under the Welcome Harmonizes greeting.  Click on it for a wealth of information.

Secondly, to enjoy our surprise tonight you need to read the following words or at least have them handy for the rehearsal.


(key of G)

By Suki


You have two legs, I have four

I can’t open up that door

That’s one thing I need you for

Come and walk, just walk, close to me


Just a closer walk with thee

Grant it soon, please hear my plea

Let’s go now, I need to pee

Come and walk, just walk, close to me


When we go out for a stretch

You will never hear me kvetch

As long as we can play Go Fetch

Come and walk, just walk, close to me



If I had the power of speech

When I see you grab that leash

I’d say let’s go to the beach

Where I’ll fetch, always fetch, close to thee


Now for the rest of the directors notes published last Monday.

Always wonderful to see you on Thursdays.  Quite a busy evening.  Thanks to Ruthie, (and Deb) we learned 3 folk songs and had a great time doing it. Brought back memories for many of you.   We’ll revisit the folk song world again in July, date to be announced. Mustn’t forget how to sing If I had Wings so watch for the next date. 

This week, after vocal warmups, we need to spend most of the evening getting Sway up to speed since it will be our next video song.  We’ll answer any questions you may have about the “how to take a video” manual that Judy is working on.  She hopes to have it ready by Thursday.  

And just to keep things fresh, we’ll revisit Dancin’ Queen.  You all now have your boas so we will go into breakout rooms not by parts but by ROWS.

I’ll go to any room that is low on singers. Make sure you review the moves and have the music with the moves written on it so that you can answer your own questions.

Row 1. Carole M, Ilene, Karen, Janet, Gina, Dawn, Sharon 

Row 2 Beverly, Mary, Charlene, Ann, Brette, Mary Lou, Kelly, 

Row 3. Louisa, Carole P, Barbara Judy, Amy, Ilya

Row 4. Diane, Emily, Kathy, Helen, Honey,

Row 5.  Lou Ann, Terry, Tanya, Rosie , Ruthie and Deb 

Next week on the directors notes I will give you information about our workshop and the woman who will be leading us.  I will also have a link to her extensive website with lots of information for you.  Save the date. JULY 23

Several people have mentioned that they would like to try gathering, in groups of 4, outside in a park, social distancing.  This is certainly a personal decision.  If you find 3 others to sing with you, definitely let us know how it goes.  Outdoors is safer than indoors.  

See you Thursday