Hi Everyone.      Take note of some opportunities for extra rehearsal time.  I will try to have these rehearsals at different times every month.  Come for an hour or two.  Its great fun and a really good learning tool.

Feb. 19th   Wednesday afternoon at 1:00

Feb 22nd Saturday afternoon 1:00

Feb. 25th.  Tuesday afternoon. 1:00

I will have signup sheets this Thursday.   Max. number is 10 each session.

Don’t forget that on Feb. 20th we will sing through Dancing in the street.  If you haven’t listened to your part on the website yet, there is still time but you need to at least sing through it with the recording or it won’t be much fun for you on the 20th.

Excellent annual meeting.  Helen sure knows how to get the most out of us. You will be getting a more formal report but to summarize , there were three areas of conversation.

The first was “What is Working”

More members ! New website, name tags , nice spirit at rehearsals, good director (thank you)

“What needs work”.  Social media presence . Singing at non nursing home venues, More people to read directors notes, smaller group rehearsals, more publicity, Spotify Less talking during rehearsals, more sectionals, need advice on learning music.

“How to get new members”

Non nursing home singouts , more diverse venues, flyers everywhere, bumper stickers, greater social media presence.

These are just a sampling. You will hear more.

Most importantly, we need you to be on the board.Elections are in May.   If you have been in the chorus for one year, you can be on the board.  Thats where the action is and the cookies.  If you need more information about particular positions, please see a board member or talk with Helen.  We need new ideas and new blood on the board and that means you.  It is fun.

Come Thursday prepared to work on New Orleans and our newest song, It don’t mean a thing,.  We will probably run through Dancing Queen again with boas unless there is a snow storm and there is too much to carry.

Cards for Tanya, Char and Jackie  are always welcomed.

See you Thursday.  Alice