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Hi Harmonizers,

Another busy week following a really fun rehearsal.  Thank you, Brette, for our warm up and I look forward to other offerings from members.  There was also a productive meeting of the “plan for the future” committee on Saturday and then a 3 basses plus a Bari  singout in my backyard also on Saturday.  Others have been sending in their audio recordings of Carol of the bells and We need a little xmas . I need those recordings now.   It has been a busy few days.  Thank you all.

Next Thursday, Ken Donovan will be with us again.  Don’t forget your straw and be on time.  Ken will start at 7:05.

I’m in the process of making lead tapes for Silent Night, and The Dreidel Song.  Sheet music and all four parts are now on the website for Oh Little Town of Bethlehem.  Hopefully the others will be out this week and you can start making audio recordings of those as well. There is a video on the Dreidel song page with me conducting the piece. It may be of help to some of you.  I hope to have the four individual parts up this week.

Please make sure I have your recordings of Carol of the Bells and We need a little Xmas. I am putting the parts together this weekend so I need your recordings of those two songs.  

  As I mentioned on Thursday,  you will not need to make a video recording of all 5 songs.  Each member will be assigned two songs to video so that it should be easy, fun and less time consuming than making all 5 videos. You know these songs so shouldn’t be a problem.  As soon as the show comm. decides on costumes, you can start making your video so stay tuned.  

We will continue working on It don’t mean a thing as well as Ain’t misbehavin.  Come prepared to sing New Orleans and Will the circle as well.  Can’t let those disappear.  

See you Thursday,