This is a finished survey.

SURVEY RESULTS AS OF MARCH 13.    24 members

Obvious result.   Get rid of 50’s Medley and Hi Neighbor. 

1.Songs you like to sing

    I took those in the 50 percent and above

       Circle                    76

       New Orleans       80

       Soon                    72

        Dancing Q.            52   

        Sway.                    56

Ain’t misbehavin.   52

(Every song had at least 2 people who liked them but only 5 were above 50 percent)

2.   Songs for Show

       I took those over 64 percent 

          Circle.                84

          New Orleans     88

          Lion                   76 

          Soon                 76

           Sway                64

          Ain’t Mis.          68


( Every song had no less than 7 who wanted it to be in the show.  I limited the list to songs with 64 percent and above)

3.  Songs to NOT include

     All the songs had at least one person who did not want it in the show EXCEPT New Orleans . New Orleans is the big winner here as a song to keep.

     Ain’t Misbehavin  had 1 person  suggesting it shouldn’t be in the show. All others had 2 or more.

      Fifties medley and Hi neighbor had over 30 percent  say no.

4  Favorite song

    No one listed Ain’t Misbehavin, fifties medley or Hi neighbor as favorite song (no surprise there) 

    Circle                  5 people

    Dancing Queen  4 people

    Lion                     3 people

    Soon                   3 people

Sway.                  3 people

5  Least favorite songs

    Fifties and Hi Neighbor won this one!

    ( No one listed  Dancing Queen, Sway , New Orleans )

    All others had at least 1 person  who listed it as their least favorite)


What you don’t see in these numbers is that Hooked on a feeling and It don’t mean a thing came in too high to disregard but too low to register in the 60 percent category .  My strong feeling is that It don’t mean a thing will be an entirely different experience when we are together and I’m not willing to give up on it yet.  I promise not to be stubborn about it but we need to work on it in person.  Too hard a piece to learn by yourself.  

The obvious is that the chorus really likes Circle will be unbroken and New Orleans as the top dogs.  Dancing queen , Soon, Lion and Sway  and Ain’t misbehavin are next in line.  We need to drop Hi Neighbor and Fifties medley and possibly route 66 though we haven’t quite given it a chance yet. Route 66 is a big audience pleaser so we should keep that in mind. We will start a new piece in the next week or two.  

PS. The survey also shows that one persons favorite is another’s least favorite.  No surprise there but important to keep in mind.  Hopefully, everyone will get to sing one of their favorites.  We are a musically diverse group which is good.