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Hi Harmonizers,

Resilience, flexibility, interest in improving singing skills, adaptability, patience, these are qualities I see in our chorus. I mention these because during these strange times we have tried many new ideas. Some have worked and some have not.

I realize that I moved too quickly in requesting audio and video tapes from everyone.  Fortunately your Tech Team has met, is taking over and has a plan.

You will receive a SURVEY with  important questions about what  help you need to enable you to participate in our goal which is to produce a Virtual Chorus Video.

The survey will help the  Tech Team set up a Buddy System so that anyone who has questions and would like help learning how to record and video tape receives that help from a chorus Buddy.

In order to make a Final Chorus Video, we need to make a master tape of each of our three songs , Lions, New Orleans and Sway. We will use the master tape to listen to as we make our video.  If you would like to send in a tape of you singing your part against the lead part on the website for possible use in this master tape, that would be great. We almost have all four parts.  If  you aren’t at a point where you know the songs well enough, I would still love for you to send me a tape so that I can correct any mistakes before  we make the final video. You will be singing on the final video. All songs will be sung for memory on the video so this is good practice. 

Once we have a master tape and everyone is comfortable with taking a video, the Tech Team will send out written instructions with information about what to wear, background, etc.  

Thanks for the great rehearsal on Thursday.  I think we will continue working on Circle and It don’t mean a thing.  I also have a fun thing for us to do which I hope to be able to tell you about on Thursday.  Depends on how much I get done on it.  Curious?