Join Zoom Meeting

This is a special Thanksgiving edition of the Directors Notes. 

A time for me to thank each and every one of you for your continued support for this chorus that we all love.  Because of that support I continue to feel energized  and enthusiastic about all we can achieve. 

So here are my thoughts for the immediate future.  

January seems far off  but it will come quickly and with it some new opportunities to express our creative selves.  

As promised, we will have new music, some from our existing files and at least one that will be the brain child of one of our members , who with the help of a few others, will create a new arrangement for us.  Can’t give out too many secrets, but it will be a winner.

In addition, I’d like to start a tradition of having small musicales  meet (on zoom).  What is a musicale?  Think back to a day when people could gather in small groups to share a song, a poem, a flute solo, banjo, recorder or piano piece, a parody, a favorite writing, a favorite lullaby from childhood.  No more than 6 or 8 members at a time .  Anything goes as long as it is no longer than 5 minutes in length.  I’m mentioning this now because you may want to polish up your kazoo or find that old recording of your favorite song or perhaps practice an instrument you have put aside. Maybe you have painted a picture or made an amazing puzzle.  This is not for a polished performance but a fun sharing of music and the arts.  I will set up three dates in January and if there is need for more, I’ll add more.  It works best if we have no more than 8 in a group.  Watch for a sign up sheet in December.  

Also , Ken Donovan will continue to meet with us once a month in January and February and perhaps March.  Then we will move on to other guest artists to guide us through the spring.  

Plus we will continue to make videos.  Perfecting our audio recordings will be my challenge for the next video.  I need to get some dynamics and tempo changes into our songs.  

We have two rehearsals in December before our party. Hope to have lots of singing of familiar holiday songs and just relaxed practices before our party on the 17th.  Make sure you have holiday music and have downloaded Snow.

Check out the wonderful video of Ken’s warmups and practice them often.  It will make a difference.  

And last.  Think about that recipe you want to share at our party.  You could even make it and share it virtually!

See you December 3rd.