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Welcome back Harmonizers,

So many exciting opportunities for us this fall.

First and foremost is our Sway video.  What you need to know.

Make an audio  recording while listening to a click track.  Make sure your entrances are sharp and together with the recording you are listening to.   A few of you would prefer to make your audio recording while you take your video.  That is fine with me as long as your audio recording is as perfect as you can make it.  The advantage of sending in an audio recording first is that if it needs to be redone, it won’t require making the video again and secondly, it frees you up to play the quick track out loud while you sing and take the video and not worry about how you sound.  The audio on the video would be deleted.   You can also lip sync for the video if I have your audio but you must have an audio recording playing out loud while taking the video. (Judy needs that).

Our drop dead  date is Sept 21st .

Costume:   Black chorus blouse, bolero vest, dangling chandelier earrings (or oval from last video if you don’t have the other and can’t borrow), new pin and red rose which is in a packet on my front porch if you don’t have yours yet. The pin goes in the center of the black blouse close to the neckline.

The Rose can be anywhere in the picture. Put it in your hair, on the bolero, in a vase, in  your hand, etc.

Second item will be our sessions with Ken Donovan starting Sept 17. One session a month for three months, half hour each evening.  Don’t be late, we only have him for a short time. He is a tenor at Lyric opera, a wonderful teacher and good friend.  He will do warm-ups with us.

Third item.

I would like to start thinking about a Holiday video consisting of a short medley of Holiday music.  Send me your top three favorites and I’ll start to put together a plan.

Fourth and final item.

This week I will introduce a new song.  You will be able to download the sheet music and your part AFTER the 3rd.

I hope many of you read the article in Sunday’s Tribune about how music schools like Northwestern are dealing with teaching on line.  The quote that stood out for me was that having to make recordings of yourself singing or playing an instrument was turning out to be a tremendous learning tool and one that teachers will continue to utilize. We already  do that and I agree that it has made you all better singers.  I would also add that singing for each other and being open to the comments of fellow singers has been  equally as beneficial.  We are all better choristers because of those two things.  Keep it up.  

See you Thursday.