Hi Singers,

Thursday night was a fascinating inside look at the making of a polished singer.  I’m hoping that all of you came away with at least one insight into your own instrument and how to use it. There was so much to take in and I appreciate all of you hanging in there to get the most out of almost 2 hours.  We are all in different places when it comes to our singing abilities and our energy to expand our skill but I hope this workshop lit some small fire inside you that said, “yes, I can sing with more freedom and make more beautiful sounds.” For those of you who volunteered to sing last night, I was so proud of all of you.  You showcased our chorus beautifully.  

Each of us took something different away from the workshop.  I would love to know your top one or two (or more) ideas/concepts/images that you found meaningful.  Send me an email and tell me yours and I will put them together in future director’s notes.  I will also put together my top ten.  If I get enough by Thursday, we’ll share some of them.

Meanwhile, we need to keep working on our next project which will be a virtual chorus singing Sway. The  Show Comm. will need to meet again to decide on costumes and props.  Hope to have our Gold Standard recording with click track very soon.  Remember that you always need to listen and sing against the click track recording when, in the future, you make another audio/video.  We failed to get that point across to everyone.  In order to line up the parts, everyone needs to record while listening to and singing along with the click track in their ear.  No other way for the 4 parts to line up. Don’t record the click track,  just you singing while listening to it.  Just a heads up.  

Looking ahead, there will be a new song in September which will be part of our “show video package”. You will love it.

And during the fall we may on occasion  have some guest professional singers to help us with ear training and warm ups.  I’m workin’ on it now.

This week we will review Sway and New Orleans for sure and  It don’t mean a thing if we  have time.  

See you Thursday,