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Loved hearing you all sing and loved watching you sing a long with Ruthie.  Its all about singing together isn’t it!

So a continuing update on our chance to SING TOGETHER as a virtual choir.  I know that it has been a confusing process, changing from week to week but I will try to be extra clear since there are some subtle changes. 

Our goal is to have everyone singing in this virtual chorus.  There are only a few people that I know of who simply do not have access to the equipment needed to create a video.  For everyone else there will be plenty of support for you. You and your voice are necessary for us to make our unique chorus sound.  Your voice will blend with the others in your part to help us sound like a live performance. If we don’t have a full chorus we can’t do this. 

To prepare for this virtual chorus these are the things you need to do.

  1. Learn lions and if possible be able to sing it for memory.

2. Let me hear you sing your part either on a Thursday night, with an audio recording that you email me or on the phone.  I want to make sure everyone is on the right notes and it is really important that you do this. Start with Lions for now.  Voice quality is not the issue.  ONLY NOTES.  Think of it like proof reading.  You would never send out an important message to be seen by hundreds without having someone proof read it.  Thats what I’m doing.  So far more than half the chorus has done this. To a person, they have appreciated learning areas to work on. It is like being in school  but more fun and no grades. 

3. When it comes time to make the video, you will be instructed to access a NEW audio recording of lions on the website.  You will be able to hear all four parts together or listen just to your part. You will sing along with this audio recording to make your video.  Your chorus buddy will contact you at this time if you have asked for help through the survey.  And for those who felt like they knew how to do it but have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. We’re all in this together. You will also be given all the information you need to know about costumes, background, etc. Your show and Tech teams are on top of it.  

4. Don’t fret about making the video until we get the new GOLD STANDARD audio tape up on the website.  However, If you want to start experimenting with video taping, it never hurts to practice and if you want to get a head start and are needing help, contact me or your buddy if you have been in touch with them .  But numbers 1 and 2 are the most important right now. However, be prepared. We are very close to having this GOLD STANDARD audio so within a week or two we should be ready for Step No. 3.  

For this coming Thursday.  Your assignment is to find some sort of rhythm device at home for use Thursday night.  This could be a pot with a wooden spoon, a quaker oats container used like a drum, Wooden sticks hit together, A triangle,  a Childs drum, wooden blocks,  anything to tap out rhythms.  

I’ve asked Ruthie to do some rhythm warm ups with us at the start of the rehearsal much like we do in real life and then I plan to work on some of the more challenging  rhythmic measures in several of our pieces.  


As mentioned last week, we will take the last two weeks of August off.  Always good to have an end and a beginning to any endeavor.

Board meeting on the last Monday of the month.  More information to come.

See you guys on Thursday.